We will begin a fun new incentive to enable you to attend our Open House, on June 13th, without any personal cash outlay! The more points you earn the more money you win and this is in addition to your normal Quickstart Bonuses!
It is very easy to earn points! This incentive is based upon enrolling new Associates in VistaLife. The requirements are simple as well. New Associates must remain on autoship for 2 months after their initial signup. Bonuses will be paid out to winners of this incentive at our Open House.
Here is a quick explanation of the point system. A Standard QuickStart Enrollment nets you 2 points. Premium QuickStart Enrollment gets you 4 points each – 30 Points $150 – 40 points $150 – 50 points $150 – 60 points $150 – 70 points $150 . The Maximum payout will be a whopping $750! To get a deeper understanding, please join the Conference Zooms on Tuesday evenings at 8pm.
This incentive will run from January 1 to May 30, 2024.