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Are You Up To The Challenge?

Participation Requirements

This 90 Day Challenge rewards the top loser with a $300 product voucher!

Anyone can participate in our 90 Day Challenge and the requirements are as follows:  lose a minimum of 12 pounds.  The top loser will be awarded with a prize.  Each participant that loses a minimum of 12 lbs will receive a gift.

To participate, complete and press ‘submit’ to the entry form below; as well as emailing your required pre-Challenge photo to:  contact@vistahealthproducts.com  For any additional information please call your Customer Care Center at 706-857-1664

90 Day Challenge
required at beginning of Challenge. Must also receive before photo via email
required upon completion of Challenge. Must also receive after photo via email
please type your full name as a testament to participation

(The form is also available in your back office…please complete and send in the 90 Day Challenge form.)
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