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We can give you all the information you need about what’s in our products and how to use them, but nothing beats hearing what our products have done for real people just like you. Here is what people are saying…

Written Testimonials

About our Business

  • “With Vista Health Products I made more money monthly in commissions than I did with 20 years’ experience at the saw mill.”  Abe & Becky Miller
  • “With the VistaLife opportunity not only have I been able to buy the finest health supplements, and supplement my income, I am able to help others achieve some of their financial goals, I’ve gone for ‘Gold’ and now I’m working on the goal of an awesome retirement income! Amazing opportunities Living and Loving the VistaLife!”  Treva Montgomery
  • “Opportunity to travel more and if you keep good records and pass out samples and talk business along the way you can use it for some great tax breaks. AND not have to worry about living on social security!” Suzy & Dave McLaughlin
  • “We love living the VistaLife. Helping others in their HEALTH! Going on vacations that are FREE, meeting new people and friends. We started with $100 a month to make our mortgage payment…now it is an over abundance! Keep working and we will get to the top! We are currently Executive Directors!” Joe & Laura Farmwald

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About Purple Tiger

  • “My headaches are gone, thank you Purple Tiger.”  Pat Dungan
  • “Purple Tiger has changed my life, I feel better because I am 117 lbs lighter and still going. I was in a size 26 and now in a 16. Just try it; I believe you will like it.”  Melissa Hamilton
  • “I work 8-14 hours a day and I don’t think I could do it without Purple Tiger.”  Suzy McLaughlin
  • “I have lost all my baby fat from my pregnancies after taking Purple Tiger for only 5 months. I would recommend it for anyone.”   Corrinna Long
  • “I have been taking Purple Tiger for a little over two months now, and have lost 24 lbs. I have also gone down 2 sizes in jeans as well.”  Mary Swift

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About Purple Tiger Going Green

  • “I have lost 5 lbs. and several inches in the first week. It curbed my appetite and gave me a lot of energy.”  Alania C.
  • “It gave me a lot of extra energy and it curbed my appetite and I lost weight and inches.”  Misty C.
  • “I love to eat and this product really curbed my appetite.”  Paul M.

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About Purple Tiger Gone Wild

  • “Three days later 6 pounds lighter!”  Tabitha Moore
  • “Purple Tiger Gone Wild happy dance. I am down 5 lbs in 8 days.”  Lisa Stoms
  • “I work nights so I took one Gone Wild an hour before work. I feel GREAT! and definitely NOT hungry.”  Becky Smith

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About Thyroid Complex

  • “I had been taking 237MG of Synthroid. I decided to try the Thyroid Complex and took two pills every day. At my last visit, my doctor decreased my Synthroid dosage to half of what I had been taking.”  Joan Farmwald

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