Rally News!

 Our annual Roar to Rally is now underway. Roar, which is Reach Out And Recruit, is a great incentive where you will garner additional money for doing what you normally do…only more of it for more $$$! This incentive, which runs from January thru April, is a fair, financially equitable program that rewards each Associate for their efforts in addition to their normal commission structures. An opportunity to make big bonuses that will lead to Rally and beyond! The incentive guidelines are as follows:

5 Enrollments = $50 Bonus
15 Enrollments: $100 Bonus – cumulative Bonus of $150
25 Enrollments: $300 Bonus – cumulative Bonus of $450

These bonuses are cumulative, i.e. when an associate enrolls 25 they will receive the $50, $100, and $300 bonuses for a total of $450! Potential max payout of $1800 per associate. Each new Associate must Have at least 2 Autoships during this incentive period. These bonuses will be paid out at the Panama City Beach Rally May 10, 2023; and refreshes each month. You must be present to win. Plan, proceed, and prosper!