VistaLife has done it again! A great new bonus program that will run from August 1st through December 31st that will pay large bonuses for moving up the ranks!

Read this below:
Advance in Paid As Rank for 3 Consecutive Months and earn a CASH Bonus.  *Rank up to: GOLD = $500 PLATINUM = $1000 REGIONAL = $2000  EXECUTIVE = $3000  NATIONAL = $4000

The VistaLife Rank Achievement recognition is based upon several factors, one of which is your Group Volume.  Once you have reached the required Group Volume level you are then moved up to the level that commensurate that position.

Once you attain a new level, you will never go back to the previous level and will always be recognized at your highest rank achieved level.

However, should your Group Volume levels drop, you are then PAID at the level which coincides with your current GV & qualifications.
In other words; should you attain a Gold Directors level and your GV is at the Silver Directors level, you would then be paid at the Silver Directors level. Simple, right?

This great bonus plan is based on the rank you are being paid at. If, for instance, you are a Gold Director and your GV is at the Silver Director level when you bring the qualifications back to the Gold level you are not only paid once more at the Gold Directors level but, you also, in addition, will receive a $500 Rank Race Bonus!

Fire up your Team as we end this Leap Year stronger than ever!