Regional Directors

Dave & Suzy McLaughlin

Operating through several social media platforms, Regional Director Suzy McLaughlin continues enrolling in new Associates week after week, month after month.
Suzy and her husband Dave have their home near Indianapolis, Indiana and have long been staples at practically every event VistaLife has offered. Always ready with a big smile and a friendly helping hand, Suzy and Dave have maintained a level of success that alludes many while creating many long standing relationships.
Network marketing offers the enterprising individual many opportunities to meet new wonderful people on a regular basis. This often leads to new business associates and, of course, new friends. When people begin to see their health situations improve they naturally gravitate to those that have helped!

What is their secret of success? Working the business! “VistaLife offers a variety of methods to reach the products end user. They also have such a wide and varied selection of supplements that everyone you meet is in need of something we carry!” She has said.

Meetings and shows have been a blast hosting and attending for them…they always have fun at whatever they do! In the early days, people would often mistake Dave for a famous country singer and, of course, he would play along with them as long as possible then they would all laugh together! Suzy and Dave are naturals in the meeting arena. The authenticity of their love for people always attracts.

Affectionately known as ‘Miss Fantastic’, Suzy is upbeat, focused, and detail oriented as she pursues a higher level of success. Suzy and Dave both are shining examples of how to work and build your VistaLife business. We are blessed to know them.