Synergistic Bundling

New Product Packages = Huge Impact on Health!

VistaLife has made tremendous strides, in the past few years, to inform, educate and produce the most complete line of natural health products in America today. We are very proud of that fact!

Remember that synergy is the interaction of herbs and vitamins to work seamlessly together to produce combined results. To make things easier, we have compiled a system of bundling products together to derive the very best impact on natural health care.

To date, we have seventeen product bundles to offer the general public through you our valued Associates. We have five terrific power-packed bundles to utilize for weight loss and, in some cases, dramatic weight loss with energy to spare. Of course, our flagship product – Purple Tiger in some form leads the synergistic formulas in these breakthrough weight loss bundles.

We wasted no time, while surveying needs assessment over the past several months, we found that since stress is the beginning of disease that a formulation was needed to combat and adapt to it. So, our Stress Relief, Anxiety and Depression bundle is unsurprisingly a much sought after bundle. Next, we added Extreme Joint Pain bundle, then the Immune & Focus bundle both so greatly necessary in today’s world.

Next came the Hair Loss and Yeast Infection bundles, Digestive, Men’s Health, Women’s Health, Artery Cleanse, and Immune System bundles.
Our newest introduction is the Cardio Energy Bundle! This latest bundle provides effective long-lasting energy while strengthening the cardiovascular system naturally and safely.

We thank and encourage Joe & Laura Farmwald’s team for the ingenuity and implementation of these bundles as we work synergistically toward higher levels of success together. We expect this new Cardio Energy Bundle to become a valuable health aid to multiplied thousands over the years.