VistaXcape Update

We have entered into the Xcape season and so many are excited about going to the beach in style!

You accumulate points through sharing the opportunity of VistaLife with others. For each person that enrolls with VistaLife at the $49.95 level you receive 1 point. Each at the $99.95 level you receive 2 points and at $299.95 you get 4 big points!

To qualify for the Trip all you need is 60 points and 75 points earned gets you the Trip plus $200 Crazy Ca$h!

Another awesome way of earning points is through rank advancements! You can earn a whopping 10 additional points by ranking up from Silver to Platinum, Gold to Regional, Platinum to Executive and Regional to upper levels. Ranking up requires you to hold the qualifications for three consecutive months.

Call your Customer Care Center or Team leaders for help or information. Good luck!