New Virtual Rally!

The season has changed around the world and, while the coronavirus is still a problem, VistaLife has found new exciting ways of uniting the Associates around America.

Recently, on a hot Georgia Friday morning, we were blessed to host our very first Virtual Rally on the ZOOM application! We had so much fun and learned so many new interesting tidbits from the large list of the Virtual Rally speakers. New products were released and many give-a-ways are now being enjoyed by those lucky winners.

We worked diligently to release a complete list of products in the Adaras Tigrus line that ranges from Shampoos, Conditioners, Body Washes, Body Oils and AromUs Scents.

These products are scented with the new AromUs Scents to create a brand new you. Our new Men’s Products were widely accepted and , by the amount of orders we received during the Rally, will prove themselves to be one of the most loved products we offer!

We appreciate the time several took to speak from their hearts about differing subjects and informing us of the most successful methods of running your VistaLife business.

All in all the Virtual Rally was an overwhelming success and we have received lots of encouragement to have them with more frequency. Be sure to be on the Tuesday evening Conference Calls for information.