It has become a load of fun to host the VistaLife Zoom Meetings! We had a tremendous time recently as we unveiled new products, new tools and watched with pride as our leaders take things to new levels.
This Zoom Meeting was the most attended we have produced to date! People from across the country attended the Meeting and we had a blast! More fun than a barrel full of monkeys!
There were many incentives offered on the Zoom including: Free shipping through the rest of the year on any orders over $150! Charity Specials were also discussed; during selected days in November and December 100% of the proceeds will go to charity. That’s the caliber of the company you connected to.
Other news and releases were and include: Country Apple and Pumpkin Pie Adaras Tigrus lotions will be making their yearly holiday appearances and many have been waiting to have these great smelling lotions again. Finally, we have added new Lip Balm flavors and are offering a special case pricing of 15 for $45! A great deal and wonderful add on for your meetings.
We had several people win big prizes such as Michael Kors purses, Coffee-to-Go Cups, Rally tickets, 1 night free at Rally and $100 worth of products! Big discounts worth potentially thousands of dollars for products and so much more…given away to those attending the meeting! It pays to attend our Zooms!
The high point of the meeting was the introduction of our new immune boosting product, Immune 5. Dr. LeBron Long certainly outdid himself with this innovative immune boosting formula. This potent assortment of five minerals and herbs are blended together to produce the best possible immune boost, we believe, on the market.
Boosting immunity has become a hot topic and a highly sought after source of information by the general public especially in light of the pandemic that has swept the globe. Anything that we can do to bolster our immunity should be looked at very closely by those susceptible to illnesses.
The announcement was made of another Zoom Meeting on December 5th at 10am E.S.T., that will last until noon. This is a must see event and will boast many surprises that will delight and excite you!
We saved the best news for last; it was announced that a tentative 2021 National Rally in Pigeon Forge, Tennessee is underway! Everything in full force; from Gold Reception to Platinum gatherings. We are looking forward to getting back to normal and seeing the explosion of VistaLife up close and personal again!

Details will be upcoming as we begin approaching that time.