Good News Today!

Acquisition and Direction

VistaLife has undertaken a huge agenda in recent months especially after the acquisition of Vitality products. The quality inventory of Vitality works seemlessly with those of VistaLife. We are very happy to say the least!

The next several weeks will delight you as we begin to roll out new branding for our beloved products. We determined this was necessary to harmoniously unite all our products together into one singular VistaLife family.

We started out utilizing and enhancing the color schemes of VistaLife (which is noted below on this page in the chart). We quickly realized that this was the very best way to organize the products under our one umbrella.

Using our long used system, we retooled for faster recognition. We used YELLOW as our DIGESTION color. Green became the color for our DAILY product line. Of course PURPLE is our Purple Tiger Product line. Red is our choice of color for our CARDIO line. DARK BLUE was our choice for the ever-expanding FUNCTIONAL BEVERAGES line. SUPPORT is a gorgeous GOLD tone. PINK covers our WOMEN’S line. Light Blue is our JOINT COMPOUNDS and Metallic rounds out our MEN’S line.

These colors are on the new corner caps as well as the Title and stripes. These changes will bring an ease of understanding to our large line of quality supplements. Because of this change, your ability to help another to be heathier will be enhanced as well.

Please note that the only things changing is the look. We will still offer the very best supplements in the country at very competitive prices. We will not allow the ability of our quality to suffer for any reason!

This company was built on quality, reliable products that are good for the body. You can rely on this, period. We look forward to another decade of continued growth and blessing. Glad you’re a part of it!