Teamwork. We talk about it so often yet, it seems to be out of reach for many people. Perhaps it is because we would rather have everyone helping us reach our goals instead of a mutually beneficial effort among several goal oriented team individuals. Henry Ford said it best; “You can get anything you want as long as you help enough other people get what they want.” Life is not ‘just about you’.
The best examples of successful Team efforts can be found in the Team of Joe & Laura Farmwald. On a continuous basis, Team Farmwald holds their Team Members in high regard and offer help in the most ingenious ways. Meetings, shows, DPA Readings, mass mailings, print ads and, of course the proven starter ‘Sharing & Sampling’ program plus many more advertising methods have been successfully employed to build Team Farmwald at all levels…not just the top!
It seems to be a daily activity at the Home Office to receive calls from Team Farmwald to place several new Associates under another’s position. True Teamwork regards the whole Team not a pre-conceived notion of all for one.
Remember this important detail: Nothing being done by anyone else is indigenous to the ‘others’ doing it. Whatever someone else is doing successfully can be done by you as well! The intent of this article is not to belittle anyone, it is to encourage you to endeavor together as one complete unit helping those around you with their health issues.
When you go fishing you throw a line into the water and wait. When you go to the water with a net, the harvest becomes greater. The thing with the net is that it requires a team effort to bring it all in!
Put your thinking cap on while you observe the action on others teams. Talk to those that are riding the waves of success. Teamwork does blur the lines of ‘Teams’. We are in this together, let’s work synergistically to increase like never before. You are able and empowered.