On the Way to the Top!

This story is being repeated in an ever increasing rapid successions with the advent of our newest marketing tool. The ‘Time to Get Fit’ flyer and weight loss plan is getting us back to our early roots and is paying off big time. Associates are being added to our ranks in large numbers and Commission checks on going through the roof!

Weight Loss was the thrust of VistaLife because of Purple Tiger’s proven merits of enabling the user to gain energy and decrease appetite resulting in a great weight loss.

John Henry & Rose Miller, Hardyville, Kentucky, has been steady in their pursuit of success with VistaLife and have been heading straight up in recent weeks. The Miller’s are now ranked as Regional Directors and are eyeing and quickly working toward the Executive level.

Through the years we have added over 200 high quality all-natural products to our menu yet, Purple Tiger and Weight Loss continue to be extremely popular in a nation plagued by bad health through terrible dietary habits.

Norman & Esther Wengerd, Platinum Directors from Munfordville, Kentucky, have found out for themselves the power of the Tiger. The Wengerds do not have a quitting bone in their bodies. Fixing their minds of achieving their goals together has been the single driving force on their way up the ladder.

The road map for both of these wonderful families has been and continues to be based in VistaLife’s flagship supplement Purple Tiger.

We offer the easiest business plan in the industry.
1. Purchase 1 or all of the Purple Tiger Trial Packs
2. Give one to a friend & get contact information.
3. Make sure they take them properly. Drink water.
4. Follow up in 2 days! 1 day if the Trial Pack only holds 1 capsule.
5. Explain to them how to purchase at wholesale or how to purchase 1 bottle at retail.

This has always been the fast rack to success with VistaLife. Put this plan in action today and…use the new weight loss flyer as a guide!