It is a great time to start your business as an Independent Associate with VistaLife!

Low start-up costs, and the fact that everyone can benefit from our huge line of natural products, equal a wonderful opportunity to generate a very nice monthly cash flow that offers residual income as well!

You will find the opportunity is there for you as you offer more than 50 top quality all-natural products. Everyone can benefit from VistaLife products!  Everyone is a potential buyer and/or opportunity seeker!



Basic – $49.95

This kit is for individual’s who want to buy the product for themselves at wholesale prices. Although you can work the business from this level all the way to the top with VistaLife!

Here’s what you get:

Includes choice of  One (1) bottle of Purple Tiger, CBD Oil, Vista Vibe, or a Sugar Lips Collection and five (5) Purple Tiger Trial Packs, a Starter Kit, and a Personalized Replicated Web Site

Benefits include:  purchase at wholesale price, sell at retail price, bring on new associates, receive Quickstart bonuses, and receive 10% of PV on 1 level.



Standard – $99.95

The Standard Kit offers a perfect way for the one that wants to get their VistaLife business started without investing a lot of money!

Here’s what you get:  includes $100 worth of Products of YOUR CHOICE!  Starter Kit, and a Personalized Replicated Website




Premium Pack – $299.95

The Premium Kit offers the most advantages right out of the box for the person interested in getting their business off the ground fast!

Here’s what you get:  includes $300 value of Products of YOUR CHOICE! Starter Kit, and a Personalized Replicated Website.



Choose to step out and be a business builder! Go ‘all the way’ and announce to the world…Here I come!  The best choice for the best!


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