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Helps the body “adapt” to stress while enhancing the immune system

The ingredients of Vista Vibe have had over 3,000 clinical studies, by 1,200 scientists on over half a million people over a 45-year period. These specialty herbs, referred to as “adaptogens,” allow the body to “adapt” to stress while enhancing the immune system and maintaining normal cell function. Adaptogens allow the body to help itself by supporting the built-in capacities of the body’s own self-regulatory defense systems releasing the body’s own energy, vitality and strength. Vista Vibe contains: 7 Unique Adaptogens to help defy Stress 7 Strong Antioxidant Berry Complex 7 Major Juices and Extracts Adaptogens naturally protect human cells and organs from internal and external toxins and stress. These substances also have the remarkable ability to help normalize and restore cells and organ function. Adaptogens have also been known to shield the body against the impact of stress by balancing and harmonizing the body’s systems. Adaptogens allow the body to help itself! They support the built-in capacities of the body’s own self-regulatory defense systems. They release the body’s own innate energy, vitality and strength to help the body feel and be its best. Adaptogens work internally protecting, revitalizing, rebuilding and energizing. Positive effects that have been noticed from taking adaptogens are: more energy, better sleep, less depression, increased focus, less tension and anxiety, and sick less often. Vista Vibe contains 7 Strong Antioxidant Berry Complex have a high level of anthocyanins, compounds that give these berries (as well as grapes and other dark-colored berries) their color and high antioxidant levels. This blend of berries contains some of the highest antioxidant levels of any food, as measured by the oxygen radical absorbance capacity (ORAC), the scale used to measure antioxidant activity. Antioxidants are so important because they protect your cells from free radicals. Similar to rust on a car, free radicals can cause oxidation in your body that may lead to health problems and aging. Antioxidants can help to not only prevent oxidation but also to support your immune system and decrease your risk of various health problems. Start your Day by drinking Vista Vibe unlocking the power of this unique premier adaptogenic blend so you can live to your full potential.