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Packed with the nutrients you need!

Purple Tiger™ Meal Replacement Shake is a great tasting, rich meal replacement shake you’ll actually look forward to drinking. This delicious Chocolate or Vanilla shake has no bitter chalky aftertaste and provides a quick convenient, meal replacement. Along with these flavors you can add fruit or berries along with ice to make a “smoothie type” drink. Purple Tiger™ Meal Replacement Shake has been developed using advanced nutritional science to provide balance, in forms your body can utilize, to help satisfy your appetite. Giving your body what it needs by supplying high protein, low fat, low carb, and low sugar meals. The serving size equals a perfect meal of the U.S. recommended daily allowance of most most vitamins and minerals which can be used as a substitute for any meal or snack as part of your total caloric program.

Purple Tiger™ Meal Replacement Shake other key ingredients are Fibersol-2™ (soluble dietary fiber) and ideal ingredient to enhance virtually any supplement beverage or food while giving you a since of eating a full meal. Purple Tiger™ Meal Replacement Shake containing Fibersol-2™ offers soluble fiber which may help maintain healthy blood glucose levels (which may help insulin response), maintain healthy triglycerides and cholesterol levels, maintain intestinal regularity, and promote growth of beneficial bacteria in the colon. Fibersol-2™ has 10 years of nutritional feeding studies in animals and humans worldwide which have shown the direct impact of the bioavailability of Fibersol-2™. Combined with other Purple Tiger™ Meal Replacement Shake products like Purple Tiger™ and Thyriod Complex™, a modified diet and exercise Purple Tiger™ Meals Replacement Shake are ideal part of a successful weight management program.

Suggested way to use this product for accelerated weight loss:

Drink a shake for breakfast a shake for lunch and eat a sensible dinner along with Purple Tiger Energy™ remembering to eat fruits and veggies between meals. Remember you can add berries or fruit with ice and blend to your desired thickness. By replacing those foodless foods with well balance meal replacement like Purple Tiger™ Meal Replacement Shake you’re on your way to winning the battle of the bulge.