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Immune Protect™ is a blend of natural ingredients known to support and boost the immune system. Its antioxidant activity protects the integrity of DNA. This formula promotes macrophage activity, which strengthens the body’s natural defense system. Immune Protect™ is a combination of several antioxidants, includes two of the most powerful natural free radical scavengers available. This formula is designed to slow down the aging process, protect against free radical damage, and promote a healthy cardiovascular system. According to research, when antioxidants are formulated together they are 15 times more effective than when used by themselves. Antioxidants can help reduce oxidative damage to vital tissues. Experts agree that free radical damage is a factor in degenerative conditions, and that antioxidants may be helpful in reducing that damage thus keeping the immune system strong. Immune Protect™ is your completely natural choice for protecting your immune system.