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Have you ever eaten any foods that have been cooked, frozen, processed, or altered in any way? Yes, this includes fast food. Did you know just by cooking food over 118 degrees you destroy a nutrient called enzymes in those foods.

The word Enzyme is derived from the Greek word enzymes, which means“to ferment” or “cause to change”. Enzymes play a key role in the transformation of digested food into the nutrients that are absorbed on the cellular level. Enzymes are probably the most important and overlooked elements in nutrition today. A deficiency in only one enzyme can cause the malfunctioning of the entire metabolic chain reaction in the body, which may prevent vital functions in the body. The digestive tract is not designed to break down all the cooked food we consume without enzymes. Even the raw foods we eat, very little at best, only have enough enzymes to digest that food. So what happens we have poor digestion? The results are burping, belching, indigestion, heartburn, and lots of gas. So who needs enzymes? If you eat cooked foods, consume alcohol, coke or coffee, are under stress, have sluggish bowel movements, or even are a frequent air traveler you may need extra digestive enzymes. Does this sound like anyone you know? If so Gest-Eze™ may be the right supplement for you giving you four primary enzymes needed for digestion and ten secondary enzymes to give you optimum digestive support.